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Manchester, CT History

     The area known as Manchester began its recorded history as the camping grounds for the Podunk Tribe – a small band of peaceful Indians. English settlement began about 1673, some 40 years after Thomas Hooker led a group of Puritans from Massachusetts Bay Colony to found Hartford. This area was a part of Hartford and was called “Five Mile Tract.” Later, the area came to be called Orford Parish and was part of East Hartford, which had separated from Hartford in 1783.

The Hockanum River and 6 brooks ran through Manchester in the early 1800s, providing a ready source of water power for manufacturing woolen mills that were in operation on Hilliard Street from 1780 until the mid-20th century. When it closed in the 1940s, the Hilliard Company was the oldest family-owned, continuously operated factory in the U.S. The first successful cotton mill in Connecticut (begun in 1794) was taken over by the Union Manufacturing Co. in 1819. By 1850, cotton ginghams were made at the Union Company mills in North Manchester by nearly 200 women and men, including many Irish immigrants.

The first Catholic Church in town, St. Bridget’s was built in 1858 to serve this new population. A railroad line linking Manchester to Hartford was completed in 1849, making Depot Square a hub of commercial activity. Cheney Brothers was founded in South Manchester in 1838. They became world famous for premium quality silk thread and fabrics as well as for the invention of innovative silk processing techniques.

An employee of Cheney Brothers, Christopher Spenser, who also was the inventor of the Spencer repeating rifle, won early fame as a mechanical genius by inventing a silk spooling machine. Cheney Brothers were renowned as well for their generosity and public spiritedness, building over the course of 50 years a “model community” of workers’ housing and contributing assets such as schools, Cheney Hall, a public library, the Hall of Records, public utilities and land for churches and parks.

The Civil War disrupted many lives, taking 268 young men from Manchester; 48 never returned. After the war, people in town launched many new commercial enterprises such as the stores of Watkins Bros., J. W. Hale Co. and C. E. House & Son, Inc. (later known as House and Hale).

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Big Y - Grocery/ Pharmacy - 0.2 miles away     

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